Zpest Standard

Update – Zpest Standard has been replaced with Zpest Tracker and online, updated version of the Zpest program.

Zpest Standard is still available here but it will only run on Windows 7 in the XP emulation mode, or in an XP virtual machine.

It is strongly suggested that you use the Zpest Tracker program available at http://zpesttracker.com


The ZPest Standard program is an easily accessible, free program to organize pest trapping data and present that data in graph and/or report format.


NOTE – you may have to work around your spam filters to allow the download of this zip file.

If you continue to have problems you may download the program HERE. It is renamed with a .zzz appendix so the spam filters will allow it. Once you have downloaded it you must rename it the appendix to .zip so that it can be unpacked and run.

The program is compressed (zipped) and is 4.9 megs. So with some slower connections it will take a few minutes to download. After you download the file, open it to run the installer.

Under the “Utilities” tab there is a “Load Sample Pest Data” option. I suggest you start by doing this as it will make learning the program easier. The demo data can be removed by choosing “Utilities” | “Clear Current Pest Data”. After you load the demo data, click “Quick Graph” then “OK.” I’ll be adding a way to upload pest type and eco data here soon.

This is a complete program although there may still be some outstanding issues. If you have problems, comments or suggestions after downloading and use of the program please email  leon @ zaks.com.

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